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Business Energy Price Comparison

G2Connect is here to provide businesses, big or small, with independent unbiased free business energy quotes that gives them the best price for their money. Using our online portal that is constantly running cross checks and monitoring the latest changes in electricity and gas prices, we offer our clients a hassle free price comparison service for your business energy needs as well as help you manage the costs, helping you save money and time.

Our first class service is here to compare and find you the cheapest business energy tariff across the largest suppliers as well as business only providers, finding you the best business energy rates on the market.

Switching Supplier?

At G2Connect we manage the switching process from start to finish, dealing with your account and speaking on behalf of your business with our Business Energy Suppliers to make the whole procedure hassle free.

Businesses rely a lot upon energy use, so it’s important to find the best rates for commercial use. Your rates will be determined by your demand for use. Provide us with the details of your business energy needs and we’ll find a cost-efficient provider suited to your requirements completely free of charge.

Top tips for an accurate quote, make sure you have available:

  1. A recent electricity bill
  2. Your company’s registration details
  3. The end date of your current contract
  4. Your MPAN or MPRN numbers

A Meter Point Administration Number or MPAN relates to Electricity supplies only. MPAN’s are split into two rows, 8 digits on the top with 13 digits on the bottom. These are separated as shown:



The S always appears on MPAN’s and can be found on any of your recent electricity bills.

A Meter Point Reference Number or MPRN relate to gas supplies only and consists of between 6 and 10 numbers. They are usually found in small print at the bottom of your gas bill. MPRN’s can sometimes been referred to as “supply” or “M” numbers and should not be confused with your gas supplier account number or the meter serial number printed on the meter itself.

What We Do?

We’re not just an energy provider, we’re also offer a free price comparison service for our customers through our online portal. We maintain a relationship with our clients after they’ve compared the best energy tariffs, which is something that sets us apart from our competitors and allows you to make savings year after year.

Our motto is to provide businesses with a “Whatever you want, wherever you need” service i.e. delivering bespoke services to cater your business , so our work does not just stop at finding you the cheapest gas and business electricity prices. We also provide resources, a dedicated account manager and look after every aspect of your energy switch; leaving you to carry on with the more important aspects of your company. To find out more about how we operate, just visit our comprehensive about us section.


Find The Cheapest Business Energy Prices

With energy prices rarely out of the news these days, it has become more and more important for SME’s to examine all of the business energy solutions available to them. There are now all sorts of suppliers available from the Big Six to one of the rising number of very affordable independent firms, which can often provide more bespoke gas and electricity options. The task of obtaining energy quotes from every single supplier and then cross referencing this with your company’s location and usage is impossible, especially when you have your business to run; which is why we have tailored our service to suit SME’s.

None of the other energy comparison sites offer our level of service and as you can see, our modern website has all the resources you need to make an informed decision about your organisation’s business energy needs. From guides and blogs, to our extensive run down of the UK’s business energy suppliers, you really do have everything you need at the click of a finger. Commercial energy prices may be subject to change on a daily basis, but thanks to our innovative online portal, you don’t have to worry.

Avoid Rolling Over

Although you may be sat there thinking you are happy with your current commercial energy rates, this doesn’t mean you are not missing out on serious savings for your business energy. The fact is that the majority of SME’s in the UK have never paid much attention to their business energy prices, which means they have probably been rolled over onto an expensive commercial gas and electricity tariff. By taking advantage of the business energy solutions we have available here at G2Connect, you can ensure that your company is not only with the best business energy supplier, but also on the perfect tariff. This can and usually does result in savings well into the thousands for your firm; money that you can pump right back into your operations and infrastructure.

Businesses could even save money with g2connect

by cutting overheads on commercial energy spending. Get quotes for commercial gas and electricity with a minimum of fuss by comparing using our free consultancy service to find the best quote.

Tailored energy packages specific to your business needs

Compare established providers such as British Gas, Scottish Power, EON, NPower and more

Get an assessment of your business needs and energy guides from G2Connect

Simply check for quotes on commercial energy by providing a few details about your business and let us find the bargains for you. You’ll find low-cost commercial energy rates on gas and electricity, so

you can power your business for less with G2Connect.

Or you might just be looking for a business electricity quote.

Don’t pay over the odds for gas and electricity! We list the cheapest deals.

Energy users are split into low, medium and high. Energy regulator Ofgem defines a medium user as using 13,500 units of gas and 3,200 units of electricity a year.

Gas and electricity tariffs are either variable – where prices change in line with the cost of energy – or fixed – where prices are guaranteed for a set period of time.