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Business Numbers

Business Numbers (08)

We know how important inbound calls are to your business. Making it easy for customers to call you and routing calls through to the right department are critical factors for good customer service and closing sales quickly.

Memorable numbers could maximise the return on investment of your advertising and marketing campaigns. Non geographical numbers are simply routed to the landline or mobile of your choice; these can be easily changed through our online portal giving your business full control and flexibility.


G2Connect’s 08 numbers allow you to receive calls whenever and wherever you want, keeping you connected regardless of location. These services can be used in a variety of ways to both enhance and add value to your business, offering many benefits to both you and your customers. Just some of 
these benefits are highlighted below:

  1. Create the impression of a large, nationwide company
  2. If you relocate, the number stays the same
  3. Potential and existing customers perceive your business with a greater degree of credibility
  4. The number can be redirected in case of land line faults

Free-phone 08 Numbers

Free-phone 08 numbers have numerous benefits and are probably the most widely known numbers for businesses in the UK.

They cost the customer nothing to call because your business pays for each call made. This enables business growth, as customers would call without thinking about call charges. 0800 and 0808 numbers are most often used in first contact situations to encourage potential new customers to call.

See below the benefits of local rate 08 numbers from G2Connect:

100% Free – No charges whatsoever

Customers pay the Local Rate no matter where your business is based

Cheaper operational costs than free-phone numbers

Provides your business with a local profile, regardless of where you are in relation to the calling customer.

0845 numbers are recognised as Local Rate numbers, which may create the impression that you have a local presence in the same area as your customers, regardless of your actual location

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