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Moving to a new premises can take a lot of organisation, from moving stock and stationary to ensuring minimal disruption to your customers. At G2Connect we want to help ensure your services are the one thing you don’t have to worry about.

If there’s a working BT line in the new property, connecting your telephone services will be free of charge. However, where a line needs reconnecting there will be a charge of £35 plus VAT per line subject to survey. If a new standard line needs installing there will be a charge of £99.99 plus VAT per line subject to survey. Separate charges will apply if you require other line types to be installed, for example an ISDN etc.

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Identify your moving date as soon as possible. Informing G2Connect of your moving date as soon as possible will allow us to plan the transfer of your services. We may need that little bit of extra time if you require a new line to be installed, so the sooner you tell us, the smoother the move will be.

Update Stationary 

When moving ensure your stationary is up to date with your new contact details. In many cases you will be able to keep your existing number, however your address will change. Have you considered a free 08 number from G2Connect? If you’re updating your stationary now’s the perfect time to benefit from the many advantages they offer over a standard number.

Inform Customers & Suppliers 

When moving your business it’s important to ensure all your current and potential customers and suppliers can locate and contact you. Use the move as a marketing tool to inform your contacts that you are moving on from your previous premises, inform them of the benefits this move will bring, and make sure they have updated contact details for your company. If you’ve taken advantage of a free 08 number from G2Connect, make sure customers are aware of this new number. If you have a website make sure the contact details are updated, place a map on your site so you’re easily located, and think about announcing your move to prospective customers via local papers or social media.

Inform G2Connect about your move

If you are still looking at options for your new premises, you can view all our services online. Nevertheless, if you have purchased our products and need help on upgrades or maintenance, give us a call on 01204 526323 to speak to one of our advisors.